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The decision to file for bankruptcy protection is typically a last resort option. However, in many cases, bankruptcy is necessary in order to protect individuals and their families from creditors and further financial ruin. Prior to filing for bankruptcy protection, various documents such as a Petition, Schedules and a Statement of Financial Affairs, as well as numerous other documents, need to be carefully prepared and filed with the court. You will have to pay a filing fee to the bankruptcy court. Once your case is initiated, you will be required to attend a "meeting of the creditors" which is officiated by a bankruptcy trustee. Your creditors have a right to attend the hearing and ask questions. We strongly encourage you to seek the assistance of a qualified bankruptcy attorney if you are contemplating bankruptcy. Although you have the legal right to represent yourself in a bankruptcy case, you will be held to the same standard as an attorney admitted to the bankruptcy court. Note that most practicing attorneys are not even admitted to the bankruptcy court. Mr. Underwood has many years experience as an Alexandria bankruptcy lawyer. 

The first step in the process is to determine if you are a good candidate for bankruptcy. Mr. Underwood understands that bankruptcy is not a "one size fits all" solution. When consulting with Mr. Underwood, he will analyze your eligibility for different forms of debt relief available under the United States Bankruptcy Code and determine which form of bankruptcy relief is appropriate for your given situation. All bankruptcy consultations with Mr. Underwood are free, in-person and confidential. 

You May Be Able To Discharge All Your Debts!

Are you tired of your creditors calling to ask for money that you don't have? Have you received a notice that your wages are going to be garnished? Debt relief and freedom from your creditors is possible. Filing for bankruptcy stops wage garnishment, stops creditor harassment and in many cases you can still keep your home. 

The Law Office of Sean E. Underwood can guide you through the bankruptcy process and help you find the debt relief you need to get a fresh start. Filing for bankruptcy relief is a major decision, but often a necessary one, in order to protect yourself and your family from creditors. Filing for bankruptcy can help you discharge your debts and start over, allowing you start rebuilding your credit sooner and live a less stressful life.

Alexandria bankruptcy attorney Sean E. Underwood has years of experience representing individual consumers and companies in various bankruptcy matters. 

Starting the Process

Before filing, Mr. Underwood will analyze your eligibility for the various forms of debt relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code and determine which form of bankruptcy relief is best for you. You may file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In either instance, the bankruptcy laws are complex and filing should not be done without the guidance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Even a small error in the filing process may preclude you from bankruptcy relief or delay the process substantially.

Qualifying For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

To qualify for chapter 7, you must pass a "means test." Mr. Underwood will guide you through the process and determine if you are able to qualify for Chapter 7. Debtors filing without the benefit of an experienced attorney can face serious challenges after the case is filed. The complexity and subtleties of the "means test" are best navigated with the aide of an experienced attorney in order to balance your allowable expenses compared to your gross income. Even if you don't think you qualify, let Mr. Underwood walk you through the process — you may be surprised.

Saving Your Home Even If You Are Behind On Your Mortgage

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can help you to save your home from foreclosure even if you are behind in your payments. Contact Fairfax bankruptcy lawyer Sean E. Underwood for a free consultation.

Short Sales

If you are considering a short sale of your property, make sure you talk to an attorney. Short sales can have unintended tax consequences and often do not fully absolve you from your real estate debts. It is important to find out all of your options before you proceed with a short sale.

Call Fairfax bankruptcy attorney Sean E. Underwood today for a free initial consultation. You really have nothing to lose and at worst will be fully informed about your options.